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2017 Real Estate Investor Courses - You Need Our Stuff!

Real Estate

Our team is hard at work creating the Real Estate Investing Educational courses you want.  All of our courses feature the latest methods that allow you to learn easily and included the documents you need to complete the deal.  Anyone can earn a residual income for life.

Coming Soon (Summer 2017)
9055 - Zero Down Real Estate Investing Courses - Coming Soon

(Winter 2017)
The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Courses - Coming Soon

Available Now

9035 - REI No Money House Flipping For Profit -
We all posses the ability to become something, to make a successful go of things; and with REI No Money – House Flipping For Profit, I will personally guide and teach you how to flip houses with:
  • No Cash
  • No Credit
  • No Risk
  • and No Collateral
House Flipping also known as Wholesaling is one of the rare gems in real estate investing in that there are protections in place that protect you the profit seeker as well as the property seller.  You will never have to use a dime of your own money to earn a profit.  You'll learn how to find properties, several ways to build your own buyer's lists, how to complete the contracts, how to get paid, and more!

9015 - Loan Modification Real Estate Course - Can anyone do a loan modification to keep there home?  Yes!  The simple fact of the matter is that most homeowners and real estate investors don't know how to do a loan modification. Loan modifications are a tool that keep people from losing their homes due to foreclosure (which is the next step).  The Loan Modification Consultant Real Estate Investor Course teaches you how to find property owners that are in distress and can desperately use your assistance. This Loan Modification Consultant Course and document kit has been especially created with you in mind and includes every thing you need to start investing in loan modifications. 
UPC:  762952110779

9025 - Paper Real Estate Investing Course - Learn all about investing in and trading real estate paper.
Where you will learn how to trade in all types of Real Estate Paper Instruments. For profit! These include:
* Secondary Mortgages
* Tax Liens
* Foreclosures
The three audio courses give you a solid foundation providing you with solid information, teaching you what need to learn to create a buyer's list, finding the deals, how to handle non payment situations, and more. We teach you how to create your own investments team to get the best deals. How to create your very own and personal buyers list. The included book: Your Educational Guide to Buying Discounted Paper Real Estate Notes, is your all access pass to this exciting and revolutionary real estate investing plan. The book is more detailed than the audio course, providing you with more content, ideas and examples of how you and your team can pull it off and make the win!
UPC: 762952110779

9030 - Tax Liens & Deeds REI Course - Have you ever wanted to get into the exciting world of REAL ESTATE DEEDS / LIENS, but just aren't exactly sure where you should begin.  Trading the paper or a property (also known as the deed OR lien) can be a very profitable real estate venture if done correctly.  This course will introduce you all aspects of deed / lien investing, what steps you need to take and what is required.  

This is a very comprehensive course.  Includes hours of information.

* Tax sale deeds (sheriffs tax sales) 
* Legal documents for deed investing
* Lien investing
* Legal documents for lien investing
* Process for obtaining (purchasing) deeds and liens
* Deed & lien state information
* Legal documents
* How to set up your business (info + documents)
* Real estate investment calculators (.XLSX)
* & more!
UPC: 762952109919

9073 - Rehabbing & Investor Course - Our Real Estate Rehabbing and Investing Course may not cost a lot, but it is packed with the latest information about how you can become a Real Estate Investor or Rehabber. This course is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn more about Real Estate Rehabbing or Investing, but doesn't have a lot of money to spend on a week long hand on training session, or an expensive real estate boot camp.  Our course offers you the exact information that you would get if you went to one of the expensive courses, at a fraction of the cost; and better yet, with our course, you only get the portion of real estate investing that you're interested in learning. So, before you spend a lot of money that you really don't have, won't you give this real estate course a try; it contains everything you need.

* Information is presented in the order in which you are to learn (01, 02, 03, 04…)
* Build your basic knowledge with our Video & Audio Series, then Read the Book to get Further Education. (01 - 03)
* Support Materials (05 - 08) assist you in your real estate training course.
* The Legal Documents (04) help you to properly make the deals.
* Lessons are short and to the point, no filler & no fluff; just the facts.
* Product is compatible with any PC or Laptop with CD or DVD drive
UPC: 762952114074

9097 - Real Estate Short Sale Course - Gold Star Brands: Brand New Real Estate Short Sale Professional Training Course for all skill levels; delivers unique techniques for finding and buying Short Sale Properties.  Our Real Estate Short Sale course includes useful and revealing ideas about how to quickly grow your Real Estate Investing venture into a full time business without  requiring much time. Universally presented documents includes PDF / MP3 / XLSX / and DOC.  The DOC documents can be edited and used for your own Real Estate Investing business. This complete course, simply gets to the heart of the Real Estate Short Sale and includes:
UPC: 762952109605

9099 - REI No Money Wholesale Course - Making Money through Real Estate is HOT! What if I told you that you CAN make money in real estate without spending any of your own, would you believe me? Are you one of those people who attend the “Live REI” events, write down notes and never make a go of anything, because you just don't understand; or are you one of those who shell out $5,000 or more to attend a “Live” event and a year later you still haven't purchase your first property, why? Manus Publishing & Company's REI – No Money Real Estate Audio Course contains everything you need to close your very first to your very last real estate deal without using any of your own cold hard cash or credit. IN FACT: YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO SPEND A DIME OF YOUR OWN MONEY OR CREDIT WITH OUR SYSTEM  (except the cost of this course).
UPC: 762952109957

111134 - NO MONEY REI BIRD DOGGING FOR PROFIT - No Money Real Estate Investing – Bird Dogging for Profits is a one of a kind course that teaches you step by step how to make money as a real estate bird dog. Our course is built on years of experience and is crafted in such a way that the listener learns the technique then it is re-taught to you; just like learning a new language. The Bird Dogging Mp3 Audio Course CD also includes the very templates that you will need to make your business venture a success, and the Real Estate Assessment Document Template, that will allow you to earn up to $1,000 per property purchased.
UPC: 762952111134

113411 - PRO Real Estate Course - PC/DVD - According to Kiplinger's Personal Finance of the 400 billionaires in America, 85 of them made their wealth as Real Estate Investors. Let's just ponder on this for a moment… You can literally start with nothing (No Money REI / Bird Dogging) and create wealth; a long lasting residual income.
* We know you have the desire to become a full time Professional Real Estate Investor you simply:
* Lack the knowledge to get started
* Can't afford to attend the $5,000 to $10,000 course
* Or you have even attended the workshops but didn't get the assistance you need to continue
We walk you through each niche step-by-step. We teach you exactly what the real estate investment field is and how you can profit from it. Our goal is for you to succeed and to become a very successful real estate investor. Each course is written by a professional investor with years of experience and knowledge. We are offering this course at a rock bottom price because knowledge should not be expensive.
UPC: 762952113411

9059 - 1,000+ Real Estate Legal Documents - Why pay hundreds of dollars for nice, formatted real estate documents, or those 'free' online legal documents that you fill out, only to have to pay first before you can print.  On one PC-CD disk.  Contains No User Interface.
Our Real Estate Legal Document series contains over 1,000 useful and need real estate legal documents for any:
* Real Estate Investor
* Real Estate Agent
* Real Estate Broker
* Real Estate Property Renter
* Real Estate Wholesaler
* Real Estate Flipper
File Types (PDF, Fillable PDF, RTF, TXT, DOC) / UPC: 762952111059 

Mac OS Users must turn on Windows Compatibility Mode to open and alter legal documents.

Copyright 2017 by Ingenious Office Solutions, All Rights Reserved.  Ingenious Office Solutions (IOS) creates and sells products under the following brands: (Gary's, Gold Star Brands, GSB, GSB Legal, SHS, & MP&CO).  IOS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manus Publishing & Company.

2017 Educational & Hobby Products - You Need Our Stuff!


113404 - 2017 United States Citizenship Study Course Audio CD & Booklet (English) -
This study course will prepare you for the oral, reading and writing portions of the US Naturalization (Citizenship) Test.

Here's what you'll get:
* Audio CD - 100 Civics Questions, 30 minuets, (2017 Brand New Edition)
* Reading and Writing Study Booklet - 8 pages, contains the exact words and phrases you need to study.
* Bonus - Help booklet
UPC: 762952113404

113442 - 2017 Curso de Estudios de Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos CD de audio y folleto (Español) - Este curso de estudio lo preparará para las partes oral, de lectura y escritura de la Prueba de Naturalización (Ciudadanía) de los Estados Unidos.

Esto es lo que obtendrá:
* Audio CD - 100 Cívica Preguntas sobre 30 minuetos
*Libro de estudio de lectura y escritura - 8 páginas, contiene las palabras y frases exactas que necesita para estudiar. Hemos creado este folleto para que pueda familiarizarse con las palabras que conoce y la traducción al inglés de la palabra. (Palabra española / palabra inglesa / Pronuncation inglés)
* Bonus - Folleto de ayuda
UPC: 762952113442


107490 - 360 Woodworking Plans PC CD - The Ultimate Woodworking Designs CD-R by Gary’s Brand is filled with hundreds of all sorts of plans, tips, guides, rare books and more! Excellent value, hundreds of dollars worth of information!  Photographs featured are projects from this product.
UPC: 762952109490

Cross Stitch Software - Coming Soon (June 2017)

Copyright 2017 by Ingenious Office Solutions, All Rights Reserved.  Ingenious Office Solutions (IOS) creates and sells products under the following brands: (Gary's, Gold Star Brands, GSB, GSB Legal, SHS, & MP&CO).  IOS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manus Publishing & Company.

2017 Business Products Catalog - You Need Our Stuff!


110663 - Smile You're On Camera Sign (English & Spanish) - This two sided sign features vibrant colors, images, and words that are super visible where ever they are placed in your store or property.  Can also be used in the home.  Laminated Paper / 9 x 11 inches.  UPC: 762952110663

00000 - Open & Closed Sign (English & Spanish) - Coming June 2017

0000 - For Sale Sign (English & Spanish) - Coming June 2017


111707 - UC POS Touchscreen Software -
This is a Professional Grade software system that is packed with all of the features your are accustomed to from other high-end POS systems, but sold at a fraction of the cost.  Fun and Flexible, this software can be used for any Retail Store, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Grocery Store, Food Truck and more!  Surprisingly Versatile, software can be used on a Single Terminal PC / Low Use (built-in database) or on your Own Database or Cloud for Multiple Terminal Use / High Use.
UPC: 762952111707

114135 - Business & Warehouse Inventory Management - Your eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sales (POS) & Mobile solution for your managing your Businesses and Warehouse Inventory.
UPC: 762952114135

5049 - Berger Organizer (borg) - Works with our without a Internet Connection - Universal (PC / Tablet / Flash Drive) Locally based (without a network) scheduling software that runs on any PC, Laptop, Java Based Tablet, or Flash Drive, No Internet Connection Required; but can run on a database (HSQLDB, H2, MySQL or Generic JDBC). Unlimited Use License – Place software on as many machines, tablets & flash drives as you wish. Offering you a calendar, project task tracker & appointment setting system for managing and scheduling appointments with your customers
UPC: 762952109629

114128 - Data Recovery Disk (PC, USB) - Recover the data on your PC, USB, digital files, digital camera and more. Universal software. Includes photo & USB (digital file) recovery software* data recovery td is powerful data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software: certain types of viruses or human error (such as accidentally deleting a partition table). Partition table recovery using dr-td is really easy.
UPC: 762952114128

6049 - Gary's PRO Loops A/V DVD -  Gary's High Quality & Professional Video Motion Backgrounds & Mp3 Audio Loops
Our Quality Collection of 166 Video Motion Background Loops  (aka Video Backgrounds, Animated Backgrounds or Motion Graphics) and Professional Mp3 Audio are perfect for any Professional Audio/video project.
  • 166 Motion Loops in .MOV  .WMF & .Mp4
  • 370+ Professional Mp3 Audio Loops
  • Includes Private Label Rights
This collection of 166 video motion  and 370+ Professional Mp3 Audio Loops will give your video productions that POLISHED FEEL you've been looking for.
Bonus Music Loops.  UPC: 762952109780

5027 - Gary's 10,000 Legal Documents -  This is the only Document's package your Family or Business Will Ever Need! Over 10,000 Documents & More! This DVD disk for your PC or Laptop is jam packed with Legal Documents, Forms, Letters, Books, Videos and more. For personal and business use.  Never pay expensive prices for legal documents again.  Disk has no user interface, but includes instructions on how to edit, print and save forms and documents.  
  • Multiple Video Series (.mp4)
  • Legal Documents (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf)
  • Business Forms and Letters
  • PowerPoint(r) Templates
  • Spreadsheet Calculators
  • Books and Guides (.pdf)
  • & More!
UPC: 762952109803

Copyright 2017 by Ingenious Office Solutions, All Rights Reserved.  Ingenious Office Solutions (IOS) creates and sells products under the following brands: (Gary's, Gold Star Brands, GSB, GSB Legal, SHS, & MP&CO).  IOS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manus Publishing & Company.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Llamado a la acción - 2017 EE UU Estudio Ciudadanía Cd De Audio Con Folleto De Estudio Impreso Nuevo Y Actualizado!

Llamado a la acción - Ahora es el momento de empezar a estudiar para que pueda convertirse en un ciudadano EE UU. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es encender la televisión para ver el triste estado de affiars consering todos los inmigrantes ilegales en el EE UU. No permitas que tú o tu familia se conviertan en una de estas personas.

Nuestro curso de estudios de ciudadanía EE UU contiene todo lo que necesita para estudiar para convertirse en un ciudadano EE UU.

Nuestro audio cd contiene 100 historias y el gobierno (también conocido como Cívica) las preguntas que usted tendrá que aprender y memorizar.

Nuestro folleto de estudio de ocho páginas (impreso) incluye todas las palabras que necesitará para escribir y leer. Hemos habilmente creado un sistema para que usted pueda aprender fácilmente cómo ver las palabras en español, y aprenderlas en inglés para la prueba.

Nuestro folleto de ayuda adicional contiene más información que necesitará en su viaje para convertirse en un ciudadano EE UU.

También hemos incluido una página de recursos, dentro del folleto con herramientas en línea gratuitas que pueden ayudarle a aprender inglés, video de estudio gratuito en línea para la cuarta parte de la prueba y mucho más.

La prueba de ciudadanía EE UU está en inglés, así que es imperativo que conozca el idioma. Nuestro curso de estudio le ayudará a aprender todo lo que necesita saber para la prueba.

Nuestro curso es el más actualizado en el mercado hoy. Le damos la libertad de aprender mientras se ejercita, limpia la casa, conduce en su coche, descansando en casa, o en el almuerzo.

Este curso de estudio lo preparará para las partes orales, de lectura y escritura de la Prueba de Naturalización (Ciudadanía) de los Estados Unidos.

Esto es lo que obtendrá:
  • Audio CD - 100 Cívica Preguntas sobre 30 minuetos
  • Libro de estudio de lectura y escritura - 8 páginas, contiene las palabras y frases exactas que necesita estudiar.
  • Folleto de ayuda de bonificación

Sólo $ 9.90